“The art of making videos has gotten easier, but writing scripts has not. If anything, that part of the process has gotten harder because videos have gotten shorter.” We have found that many clients, especially those with one or two person PR shops as well as non-profits with their own camera gear, would like help writing scripts that have impact and achieve goals.

Don’t Let Your On-line Video Land You in Court

Sue Stolov of Washington Independent Productions has been featured on O’Dwyers, the Inside News of Public Relations & Marketing Communications.

Help empower disabled veterans—A quick mention about this trending video

A quick mention about this trending video will alert disabled veterans in your community about their eligibility to participate in this life changing event.

To Bring to Light

WASHINGTON DC: Working for the U.S. Army Warrior Transition Command (WTC) Washington Independent Productions developed a video that spearheaded an educational campaign to improve employment opportunities for wounded veterans.  In January 2013 unemployment was 7.6 percent for all veterans and 11.7 for post-9/11 veterans. WIP video research revealed several challenges that may be getting in […]

Washington Independent Productions
Receives 2013 PEER Award Recognizing
Hire a Veteran Promo Trailer

WASHINGTON DC:  Sue Stolov of Washington Independent Productions took home a PEER award on behalf of the U.S. Army Warrior Transition Command(WTC) for the Hire a Veteran Trailer. “Winning a PEER award, is a lot like getting a local Oscar for the non-broadcast video producer,” Stolov said. “It’s nice to get recognition for our efforts […]

Heartfelt documentaries

By Suzanne Pollak Senior Writer, Washington Jewish Week Susan Stolov stands in her Bethesda office, where she recently completed a 10-minute video on why businesses should hire wounded warriors. Photo by Suzanne Pollak Susan Stolov takes things to heart. The Bethesda resident finds a cause, be it Mothers Against Drunk Driving or wounded warriors, and […]

Washington Independent Productions Creates Lifetime Achievement Award Video To Honor Senator Frank R. Lautenberg

WASHINGTON DC:  To honor Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) as he received Hillel’s 2013 Renaissance Award, Washington Independent Productions (WIP) produced an 8-minute video shown at the awards ceremony. The award ceremony took place in New York City on May 29, 2013. The Senator was too ill to attend but his wife, Bonnie Englebardt was among […]

USA TODAY: Recent War Vets Face Hiring Obstacle: PTSD Bias

Gregg Zoroya, USA TODAY The Army is launching a “Hire a Veteran” campaign aimed at debunking the myth that all combat veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are somehow emotionally damaged. Military leaders and veterans’ advocates worry about hidden hiring discrimination against Iraq and Afghanistan war vets by employers who see the veterans perhaps […]

Diversity/MBA Magazine: Recruiting Veterans

In the Job Market for Veterans, Employer Knowledge is Power By Sue Stolov, Diversity MBA Magazine Original Article Every day we hear about another company launching an effort to hire more Veterans, and that is great news. Veterans bring diversity to a company team—their ability to work with diverse teammates and their own experience with […]

Washington Post: Army Launches Campaign to Dispel Myths

By Steve Vogel, Washington Post The Army has launched a “Hire a Veteran” education campaign aimed at debunking myths about hiring veterans with post-traumatic stress or traumatic brain injury. Recent research by the Society for Human Resource Management, which is partnering with the Army in the campaign, has shown some employers are concerned about the […]