The WIP Difference

“The company lead referenced the videos about how strong they were, compelling, high quality and congratulated me on picking such a strong partnering company. Thanks for doing what you do best, and helping us look good with our client.”

Emily Oehler, Lead Associate, Strategy and Organization, Booz │ Allen │ Hamilton


Washington Independent Productions is a full service video production company that has been a leader in the industry for more than 20 years. We produce high level, high caliber videos, TV & Radio PSA’s and b-roll releases. Practically born with a microphone in her hand, founder Sue Stolov, cut her teeth as a major market on-air television and radio reporter and Washington Bureau Chief and now the company creates videos that help business, government and non-profits show people how major issues affect Main Street.

Why We Stand Out

Experience: Because clients work directly with our experienced CEO, WIP has been trusted to coordinate distribution of major corporate and government announcements including: the merger of Martin Marietta and Lockheed; Department of Transportation’s passenger side air-bag cutoff decision; introduction of the $1 Presidential Election Campaign Fund on income tax forms for the Federal Election Commission and most recently, hired by the U.S. Army and tasked with changing employer attitudes about hiring wounded veterans.

Capability: Because we learned the trade covering the U.S. Capitol for cutting edge newscasts like WPVI, Philadelphia, WISN, Miami and WJLA, Washington DC, we know how to write a good story and get it out. Having coordinated coverage of major events in the U.S., including political conventions, we use these skills to quickly turn around interviews shot the first day of your convention into videos shown at your closing, or taped interviews with participants that are distributed to television news.

Expertise: Sue’s background took an interesting twist when she was asked to help Senators communicate with their constituents via video. She built and staffed a television facility to enable Senators and press secretaries to send video via satellite back home. As Broadcast Manager she functioned as a television consultant to Senators at a very exciting time, when CSPAN began broadcasting the Senate. As a result, she learned how to make top level officials feel comfortable with television.

Honesty: Let’s face it. There are a lot of options out there today. Because we don’t own any distribution technology, we can promise you that we will offer you the best distribution method for your project. We don’t have to go with a technology that works well on the web but not on mobile devices, because we own it. We go with what is best for you. There are no smoke and mirrors at Washington Independent Productions. We tell it like we see it. If impressions mean that is how many viewers visit a website in a given week, we tell you that. If the figure we are giving you is actually how many people have opened and watched your video, we tell you that. Oh and by the way, most of the pictures on this website are actually us, working!

The difference: In today’s changing media forecast, Washington Independent Productions maintains the most up-to-date, actionable strategies used in today’s social media structure, while maintaining the tried and true, fact-checked, results-focused structure as a broadcast journalism professional. This balance of long-time news coverage experience and a fluid adaptability to new media styles is why Washington Independent Productions stands out. It’s why WIP has built an armada of happy repeat customers for a quarter of a century.