Washington Post: Army Launches Campaign to Dispel Myths

By Steve Vogel, Washington Post

The Army has launched a “Hire a Veteran” education campaign aimed at debunking myths about hiring veterans with post-traumatic stress or traumatic brain injury.

Recent research by the Society for Human Resource Management, which is partnering with the Army in the campaign, has shown some employers are concerned about the impact of PTSD and TBI on a veteran’s job performance, as well as the cost of accommodating these veterans in the workplace.

About 42 percent of employers in a SHRM membership survey believe their companies would face challenges in hiring veterans suffering from PTSD or other mental health issues.

“The myth is they’re not going to be successful,” said Tim Isacco, chief operating officer for Orion International, a firm specializing in placing veterans in the private sector, said at a news conference Monday at the National Press Club. “They will be.”

The campaign includes a video and online employer toolkit that can be downloaded at www.wtc.army.mil/employers.

“The first step is to help employers to understand that not all veterans need accommodations,” said Jeff Pons, chief human resources and strategy officer for the society. “And when they do — for PTSD or other disabilities — many of those accommodations can easily be made.”