On Social Media

“This week—you should know—Washington Independent Productions just might have changed the world!”

Government contract client


We live in a very exciting time. Every day there is a new way to distribute material. At Washington Independent Productions we are always looking for a new angle, new idea, and new way to reach your target audience.

We go with what is working today. There are a lot of options out there today. Because we don’t own any distribution technology, we can promise you that we will offer you the best distribution method for your project. We don’t have to go with a technology that works well on the web but not on mobile devices, because we own it. We don’t have to go with an old technology because we invested in it, we go with what is working today. And, we go with what is best for you.

We love to strategize with you to maximize your reach. We do this by connecting to influencer groups and sharing the video as well as writing articles and blogs for distribution. Often we can connect you with other clients we have worked with to expand and develop your reach.

No smoke and mirrors at Washington Independent Productions. We tell it like we see it. If impressions mean that is how many viewers visit a website in a given week, we tell you that. If the figure we are giving you is actually how many people have opened and watched your video, we tell you that.

We include monitoring and analysis. We like to learn from our past projects so we monitor our projects as often as possible. We also collect analytics and offer analysis so you can learn which part of the video your viewers liked the most.

Here are the steps we take you through when we distribute your social media video. These videos vary in length but are generally one to three minutes.