Help empower disabled veterans—A quick mention about this trending video

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In just two days this two minute video received almost 5,000 views from the veteran community—it showcases veterans at the largest adaptive sports event in the world hosted by DAV (Disabled American Veterans) and the VA (Veterans Administration) in Snowmass, CO. About 400 disabled veterans participated in sled hockey, skiing and snowboarding.

The event, co-sponsored by DAV and the VA, helps veterans overcome physical and mental challenges on their road to recovery–empowering veterans as they work with paralympic athletes and use the latest adaptive sports equipment and it has become a training ground for future paralympic athletes. For many, this is the first time trying and then mastering a sport they thought they would never do again.

A quick mention on the news and offering more information about the event to viewers will alert disabled veterans in the community (many who do not know of their eligibility for this event) that they can participate in this and future adaptive sports events, one of many resources available to them by DAV.