How Oscar Nominee Spotlight Can Teach Your Organization To Make Better Videos

At our office every once in a while we have a movie day where we essentially play hooky and go to the movies together and then we hash out what story lines or production techniques worked and didn’t over coffee afterwards. It counts as a working day and here is why. Sometimes stellar movies offer […]

Don’t Let Your On-Line Video Land You In Court

No one wants to produce a video that gets pulled and no one wants to produce a video that winds up in court. So what can you do to protect your product and not waste your client’s money? There is always some risk involved in producing video, especially if you want to approach your client’s subject matter in an innovative manner, and it’s why some PR professionals shy away from video. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Oh No! Not that shirt @#*%!!

To make getting ready for an on-camera interview as painless as possible, run thru this quick checklist before you get dressed and remember what White House Press Photographer Association award winner and Director of Photography Murray Pinczuk says, “don’t forget, you are not only dressing for the viewer, but the camera as well.”

I’m Always Surprised…

By taking a few minutes to think things over like the room you intend to use and accounting for background noise, you’ll definitely surprise the videographer–but in a good way– because you will have given it some thought and you’ll get a great return at the end of the day when you’ve accomplished all you set out to do with a minimum of aggravation!