After someone is done watching your video, do they remember what they saw?
Have you taught them anything or convinced them to act?
Are you disappointed in your impact?

Let’s face it. The art of making videos has definitely gotten easier, but writing scripts has not. If anything, writing for video has gotten harder, because videos have gotten shorter.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could call in an award-winning scriptwriter/video producer to review your script and help you give it some zing where it zangs?

Or maybe you’d like:

  • To help your organization make memorable videos with their newly purchased cameras
  • A mini-one-on-one session or staff workshop about video script writing
  • To learn how to make your script or video better
  • Ideas about different script approaches & why some work better than others
  • An explanation about why your explainer video does not explain!
  • Perhaps you want to know why no one is clicking thru and taking action


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Or, perhaps you really don’t want to write the script and would love to have someone take that responsibility off of your hands!

Sue Stolov has written hundreds of scripts for government agencies, corporations, non-profits and associations. For 10 years she wrote and produced videos for Mothers Against Drunk Driving that helped change minds about drinking and driving. Based in Washington, DC, her current work as scriptwriter, producer & director is currently assisting the nation’s efforts to employ wounded veterans. She knows how to help organizations achieve with video. Read more about Sue >>

To schedule a script review or one-on-one training session, contact us today. If you would like us to write your script or you want more information about reviews and training, we would love to hear from you:


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